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When in 2004 we opened our clinics we dreamed to create a successful business that will provide a quality european-level service. Fifteen years and hundreds of grateful smiles after, we can proudly say that we have reached our goals. We believe that our peronalized approach to our patients and care about their needs is a key to impressive results in treatment.


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«Izumrud Dent» provides a wide range of diagnostic and preventive dental services. Our doctors will create a personalized treatment plan and help you to elaborate home oral health routines.


Are you missing a single or couple of your own natural teeth? Dental implants are the closest thing to having your permanent teeth back, in fact, they’re stronger than natural teeth and look as real as them too.


There is a great variety of orthodontic treatments, from traditional metal brackets to practically invisible braces that can be removed and put on. That's why any age is good for orthodontics. The gleaming smiles on Instagram feeds and red carpets are now accebile to everyone! We will help you to get a smile worthy of Hollywood royalty.


Endodontics is dental treatment that eliminates the living tissue located inside the tooth (root canal treatment) treateing the root ducts. It can be described as the most complex and delicate dental treatment of all. At our clicnic we place the very best endodontist at your siaposal, together with the latest technical resources.

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A kid-friendly and welcoming environment is a key in a pediatric office. We use the best materials to make the treatment of our patient painless. We also do our best not only in keeping the smiles of your kids bright and healthier but also to guarantee a positive and joyful experience.


Prices are indicated in UAH
Consultation with treatment plan 150
Professional teeth cleaning with ultrasonic and Air Flow system 1200
Treatment of one root canal 600
Dental filling (depending on the tooth surface damage) 500-700
Art restoration with the change of position, shape, color of the tooth 1500
Production of metal ceramic crowns (one unit) 1500- 2000
Production of metal ceramic crowns (one unit) for implants 3500
Consultation with treatment plan of orthodontist 400
Metal bracket system for two jaws 12000
Ceramic bracket system for two jaws 18000

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The image of dental clinic

Questions and answers about dental implants

Dental implants are the most comfortable and effective way to restore missing pieces and improve personal aesthetics by recovering a natural smile.

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Braces: trendy and not only for children

Once seen as a treatment for teenagers, more and more adults are wearing braces. According to a recent BBC report, the gleaming smiles on Instagram feeds and reality TV shows are among the most important reasons of rising popularity of orthodontic treatment for grown-ups.

Dental cleaning

Profession teeth cleaning: Why is it necessary?

Keeping your teeth clean is not difficult. But when should you have your dentist clean your teeth?